Tips For A Happy Holiday

Want to Get Organized?

For many of us, the joy and excitement this time of year go hand in hand with stress and anxiety. So we’d like to offer some advice on how to make your holidays as happy as possible.

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1.) Be Kind To Yourself

Perfection is your enemy when it comes to the holidays. Small details that seem huge to you will be overlooked by everyone else. Did you run out of time and have to buy those pies instead of making them from scratch? Did the wrapping paper rip on one present and you had to perform Scotch tape surgery? Or maybe the dog got loose and ate all of Santa’s cookies. Don’t get caught up in making everything just right. Life is complicated and expectations can make you lose sight of what really matters. Try to focus on the bigger picture…spending time with family and making memories that last.

2.) Be Kind To Others

Not everyone looks forward to the holidays. For many, it is a lonely time of year. Anxiety and depression spike during the holidays and a simple kind gesture from you may make all the difference to someone who is struggling. You could share your holiday baking, offer to shovel a driveway or extend an invitation for a cup of coffee. Considering the needs of someone else is often all you need to refocus. If you’re having a difficult time, this article has some helpful tips.

Additionally, donating your time, money and resources can make someone else’s holiday joyful. You can give a meal to a family in need, donate a gift to a child who might not otherwise get one, or even spend some time at your local animal shelter. Every little bit counts and you never know how your small act of kindness may have a huge impact.

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3.) Practice Gratitude

Are you feeling guilty because you can’t (or choose not to) get your child XY and Z? Are you sad because life isn’t a car commercial and you won’t be waking up to a giant red bow in your driveway? Now is a good time to look around and see everything you do have. We’re constantly bombarded with commercialism and it’s a million times worse this time of year. But you don’t have to give in to what society tells you is a “successful” holiday. People typically need our assistance because they simply have too much stuff. Do you really need more? Does your partner or your children? Will you be calling us in the New Year because your home is out of control? Try to keep everything in perspective, maybe what you already have is more than enough.

The bottom line is that the holidays truly are about people, not things. We hope these tips help you navigate preparation for the holidays and you have the very happiest of holidays!

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