How To Conquer Winter Weather – Women’s Edition

Want to Get Organized?

Me and Kate in our winter gear!

Welcome to Winter Weather Gear 2.0! Last week’s post was all about the kids (you can read it here if you missed it) but this week’s for all you mamas out there. Note: Most of these items come in mens as well.

A quick recap – We’re getting outside not matter what the weather and living by the philosophy, “No bad weather, only bad clothes”. If you’re warm and dry anything is possible and fresh air and Mother Nature can change your outlook even on the most dismal of days. We’ve been working on our goal of 1,000 hour outside in 2021 and James already has 56!

We’ve gathered up everything you’ll need to enjoy some quality time with your kids, or even just a solitary walk in the woods.

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Our Favorite Warm Weather Gear For Women

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug

This is our secret weapon for an enjoyable day regardless of the weather. Does it look like a regular thermos? Well, maybe. But it has super powers when you fill it with hot chocolate! It stops tantrums in their tracks and nips whining in the bud. When your little one needs a break (and honestly, you may need a breather yourself) pull out the hot chocolate! We use tiny espresso cups to keep the journey moving along.

Durable Waterproof Backpack

Good planning is essential to a successful day. Gone are the days of dashing out the door at the last minute! You’ll need a place to carry the thermos, cups, extra layers of clothing, your phone, water bottle, etc etc. We recommend this backpack because it’s waterproof, light and the perfect size.

Women’s Cashmere Gloves

Warm, lightweight gloves are not a luxury, they’re essential. Fingers and toes can quickly become painfully cold and will ruin your time outside. These cashmere gloves are perfect on their own or inside mittens.

Insulated Waterproof Mittens

When gloves aren’t enough, theses mittens will come to the rescue. Fully waterproof and insulated, they have the added benefit of being touchscreen compatible so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone.

Cashmere Hat

If you’re looking for a luxury hat because you want warm-as-could-be but don’t want scratchy wool, this hat is a winner! It’s incredibly toasty but lightweight so hat hair will be minimized – always a priority 😉

Travel Wrap

Much like the cashmere hat, this travel wrap is so much more than a scarf! It’s kinda like your childhood blankie that you can take everywhere (even indoors if you’re always cold) while looking super stylish. It wraps around multiple times or open it up and snuggle in.

Look at all that gear! Ready for anything!

Women’s Silk Long Thermal Underwear

We can’t emphasize enough that layering is non-negotiable. If you set out in just a coat and jeans, you’ll either be back inside within ten minutes or you’ll be miserable for however long you manage to stay outside. You don’t have to do that! Layer up and you can enjoy yourself. These long underwear are the first step. Start with these and you’ll be comfortable all day long.

Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

These are an investment. Yes, they’re pricey but I’ve had mine for about 15 years and they’re as functional today as they were the day I bought them. (You can read about why we think spending more is the right way to shop in our blog post Owning Well.) These waterproof pants will keep you dry and warm in rain, snow or sleet for decades to come.

Women’s Wool Socks

Even with good boots, your choice of socks is crucial. Toes are so hard to keep warm and if they get cold and painful, you won’t be able to think about anything else. These wool socks do the trick of keeping you warm while wicking away moisture.

Women’s Winter Boots

How many pairs of winter boots have you bought that just don’t work? Not a great fit, not warm enough, not waterproof or flexible. Such a drag. These Sorel boots won’t let you down. We have them, love them and have worn them happily through all kinds of weather for years!

Tall Rain Boot

We have a lot more rainy days than snowy days here in NJ, so we put these tall rain boots to good use. They come in a huge range of colors so you can put the fun in functional as you puddle jump through the neighborhood!

Boot Socks

When you have a rainy winter day and you need to add some warmth to your tall rain boots, these high boot socks are so amazing! They keep your feet and legs warm while the boots keep you dry, a winning combo!

Women’s Long Hooded Coat

Last but not least is the all important winter coat. You can have all of the right accessories, but without a decent coat, you’re going to be miserable. We’re huge fans of this extra long coat with hood. It covers you from top to bottom and keeps wind and precipitation from creeping in.

The coat in action! That’s me, Ann, in there!

Get Outside!!!

Now that you have the tools and gear you need for yourself and for your kids, get outside! We promise you’ll feel better, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Fresh air and sunlight work miracles and spending time outside has improved our lives in ways we can’t even measure. Join us on our journey!