How To Make Your Guest Room More Welcoming

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a guest room with avian artwork
Photo: Done & Done Home

With the holidays fast approaching, (Thanksgiving is a mere 57 days away!) now is the perfect time to make your guest room more welcoming.

Having house guests is one of the true joys in my life. My extended family is spread all over the globe, so when siblings, cousins or dear friends take time out of their busy lives to visit, I do my best to ensure their stay will be comfortable.

Guest Room Amenities

My guest room is small but mighty and gets a lot of use. It’s important to me that my guests feel at home and have everything they need. I try to ensure that my home feels more like a luxury hotel than a Motel 6.

It’s all about the amenities. Clean, fresh, fluffy towels are an easy way to make your guests feel pampered. Keep a set just for visitors and they’ll never look worn or tired.

extra amenities in a guest room closet
Photo: Done & Done Home

Extra pillows and a cozy throw are easy additions to set aside in the corner of a closet or a spare dresser drawer. It may not seem like much, but a good night’s rest can make or break a visit. When my friends and family come to stay, extensive travel is usually involved and sleep is a critical factor to the success of our time together.

Don’t overlook hangers and hooks. Nobody likes living out of a suitcase, and even if it’s just for a couple of days, the ability to “move in” can make a guest feel at home. If you have space, a luggage rack is always a nice option.

The Extras

As we all know, the little things can often be forgotten. How many times have you gotten to your destination only to realize you didn’t pack an essential item? I have a drawer that I keep stocked with accessories for my guests.

Photo: Done & Done Home

I keep extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, a roll of antacids, a charger and single-use eye drops in mine. And, of course, a sleep mask and earplugs for the aforementioned importance of sleep! Going the extra mile let’s your guests know how much you appreciate them.

Make The Most Of The Bedside Table

My guest room only has room for a pull-out couch (not your standard pull out – see video below!) and two small bedside tables. I make the most of the flat surfaces by ensuring every inch is utilized. On one side, I always place seasonal fresh flowers and my favorite artificial candles. Both add a sense of warmth and coziness, which is the feeling I attempt to convey.

I also make sure there’s plenty of reading material. Current magazines and a couple of my favorite books can always be found next to this couch, whether it’s pulled out or not. It’s nice for guests to have the option to relax and unplug.

Photo: Done & Done Home

On the other bedside table, I keep a small decorative jar filled with snacks, usually mini protein bars and some nice chocolates or nuts. No matter how well your guests know you, they probably wouldn’t be comfortable rummaging around in your fridge for a midnight snack.

bedside table with a bowl of snacks
Photo: Done & Done Home


Proper lighting can be a game changer. One of the best decisions we made for this room was to mount the lamps on the wall. Obviously, it was a huge space saver and it’s a great addition to an overhead light. There’s nothing worse than getting settled in bed and realizing that you have to get up to turn off the light. These lamps are close enough to turn on or off without getting up and it’s also a benefit that two people can use them independently.

Personalize Your Guest Room

One of things I love best about traveling is that I get to experience life from another perspective. When you personalize your guest room, it not only allows your guests to get to know you better, it allows them to see how you live and what’s important to you.

My husband is from Australia and is passionate about birds. We decided that framing some of his favorites would be the perfect addition to this room. Not only do they add beauty and interest, they convey a sense of who we are and what’s important to us.

framed photos of birds in a guest room
Photo: Done & Done Home

Bonus Tip

I recently came across this idea and I think it’s such a clever touch! Print out your WiFi password in a cute font and place it in a frame to put in your guest room.

photo of a framed WiFi password
Photo: Rustic White Photography

Making my guest room as comfortable and welcoming as possible brings me so much joy. I love knowing that I’ve done everything I can to convey to my loved ones that I’m happy to have them in my home. And most importantly, I know if they’ve enjoyed their stay, they’ll be more likely to return!