The Best Options For Sweater Storage

Want to Get Organized?

sweater storage boxes from The Container Store
Photo: The Container Store

Now that Fall is officially here, you’re probably pulling out your sweaters and looking forward to the days when you can actually wear them. Just because it says it’s Fall on the calendar doesn’t mean the temperatures are cooperating!

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If you’re bringing your sweaters out of seasonal storage, now’s the perfect time to go through each and every one. Often clothing that made the cut the previous year won’t be something you want this year. Be ruthless and use our no-fail “wear it all day or give it away” game if you’re undecided about an item.

But for the sweaters you decide to keep, storing them appropriately will ensure their quality and longevity. And if you need more help with getting your wardrobes organized all year round, our Love Your Home Again course may be just what you need! It has all the information to get every area of your home functional and efficient!

Folding Sweaters Is Your Best Storage Option

In our opinion, the best way to store your sweaters is to fold them. We love the stackable drop-front sweater boxes from The Container Store. They allow you to keep your sweaters on a shelf without them falling over and they’ll remain free from dust and moths.

If you don’t have adequate space for the boxes or don’t want to make the investment, simple shelf dividers will keep your stacks orderly. When sweaters fall over, you’ll lose track of what you own and that can lead to damaged items and overbuying.

Of course, folding your sweaters and placing them in a dresser drawer is always a viable option. Just ensure that there’s adequate room for you to get to each one.

If You Have To Hang Your Sweaters

Hanging isn’t our favorite option because hangers can leave bumps in the shoulders and cause your sweater to become misshapen. But if hanging is your only option, we have some tips to make it work for you.

Folding sweaters in half and placing them over the bar of the hanger rather then hanging them in the traditional way is a good option. Additionally, the method below is a great way to do it!

a how-to for hanging sweaters on a hangers
Photo via Pinterest

1.) Fold your sweater in half the long way with the front facing out.

2.) Place the hanger with the hook facing down into the armpit.

3.) Take the bottom of the sweater and fold it upwards so there is a horizontal fold that is even with the hook.

4.) Fold the sleeves crosswise to the opposite corner.

5.) Flip the hanger right-side up and hang!

If you have heavy bulky sweaters or “swackets” that must be hung up in the traditional way, we recommend these sturdy Oak Leaf Hangers.

Taking care of your possessions and Owning Well® is the cornerstone philosophy here at Done & Done Home. If you keep only what you love and take care of everything you own, you’ll never be overwhelmed with clutter. You’ll be organized and your favorite sweaters will remain in great shape for years to come!

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