Our Top Ten Favorite Items From The Container Store Closet Sale

Want to Get Organized?

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Photo: The Container Store

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Who Doesn’t Love A Good Sale?!?

While we don’t recommend buying something just because it seems like a bargain, there are times when saving money on quality items is a good idea. We are huge fans of The Container Store and use their products on almost all of our jobs. So when we see that they’re having a sale, we definitely pay attention!

But think before you buy. Now that Spring is finally here, it’s the perfect time to do a seasonal edit of your wardrobe. After you’ve gone through your clothes and accessories, you may find that you don’t actually need more storage options. Be honest with yourself about whether bringing anything else into your home will benefit you. The one in, one out rule should always be foremost in your mind when it comes to maintaining order in your home, and a sale (no matter how good!) shouldn’t give you license to add to your possessions if you really don’t need more.

Our Top Ten List

However, if you’ve come to the conclusion that your closet does indeed require some new products to keep things organized, we’ve picked out our top ten favorite products in this sale!

1.) Umbra Large Artisan Crunch Storage Bag

Crunch Storage bag

After you’ve done a complete edit of your clothes, you may have a lot of winter items you love, but don’t have room to store all summer. This storage bag is a great solution. It folds down when you’re not using it and the lables on both sides of the bag will make it easy to locate any off season items you might need.

2.) Drop-Front Sweater Box

front drop sweater box

We absolutely love these sweater boxes because they take advantage of the vertical space in your closet. They’re stackable which means you won’t have to pull down piles of clothes to get to your favorite summer shirt.

3.) Huggable Hangers

Huggable hangers

There’s no easier or more cost effective way to make your closet work for you. Matching hangers can make all the difference in not only how your closet looks, but in how it functions. Don’t underestimate what these little hangers can do for you!

4.) Supersize Stackers

Stackable jewelry organizers from The Container Store closet sale

We are huge fans of these Lidded Stacker jewelry organizers. They’re perfect in drawers or on shelves to double or even triple the space for all your bling. Not only will all your jewels be visible and easily accessible, they’ll be safely contained in the padded velvet interior.

5.) Chrome Metal Folding Clothes Rack

Chrome clothing rack

So often in small NYC apartments, there’s just not enough closet space. For that reason, we often suggest this clothes rack to our clients. It’s great for holding bulky outerwear in the colder months and lighter coats and sweatshirts for cool spring nights. It can also be utilized to separate work clothes from casual clothes to keep your morning routine streamlined. And the best part? It’s foldable! When you’re not using it, it easily slides under a bed.

6.) Adjustable Drawer Organizers

adjustable drawer organizer

Have you embraced the file fold? Has it transformed every single drawer in your dresser? We love it too, but what we don’t love is when a neatly folded line of t-shirts falls over when we take one out. These adjustable drawer organizers solve that problem! When the stack gets short, just slide the divider up to keep thing nice and tight. They’re particularly great for kids clothes when those small stacks really won’t stand up.

7.) The White Montauk Woven Bin

White Montauk bin

There are so many amazing options at The Container Store when it comes to bins and baskets. Honestly, we could spend all day just browsing through the different colors, patterns, and textures. But there’s nothing better than a classic and the White Montauk Bin is one we always come back to. It fits seamlessly into any decor or style and it never gets dated. It’s perfect in the closet for seasonal accessories such as scarves and gloves or baseball caps and sunglasses.

8.) Drop Front Shoe Box

drop front clear shoe boxes from The Container Store closet sale

A good quality pair of shoes is an investment and should be treated as such. These drop front shoe boxes will not only make your closet look like a boutique, they will also ensure a longer life for your favorite kicks. We love that they’re clear so you can easily locate what you’re looking for!

9.) Under Bed Shoe Storage

under bed shoe storage

Do you love the idea of making your closet look like a boutique with clear shoe boxes but just have way too many pairs to make that possible? This Under Bed Shoe Storage can make your closet dreams come true! You can safely store all of your off-season shoes out of sight. They will stay free from dust and retain their shape until you need them again.

10.) The Laundress Room & Fabric Spray

bottle of fabric and room spray from The Laundress

Now that you have everything you need to make sure your closet is functioning at it’s highest level, take it up a notch with this Fabric & Room Spray. We love all of the products from The Laundress because they’re non-toxic, free from chemicals and dyes and smell amazing! Almost the entire line is on sale!

Make Your Money Count

Our cornerstone philosophy here at Done & Done is Owning Well®. The first aspect is to buy the best quality items you can afford, and the second is to take care of them. While we love the look of an Instagram worthy closet, what matters more is that all of the possessions in your closet are well cared for. Proper storage will keep all of your clothes, shoes and accesssories looking their best and lasting longer. So if you’re in need of some storage solutions, head on over to The Container Store sale now!