Your Wedding Registry: Go Radical

Want to Get Organized?

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First thing’s first: CELEBRATE! Whether a couple is scraping by in a studio apartment or well into a successful career, two people joining their lives – mismatched dishes and all – is a beautiful thing. Before the wedding, couples often live off random housewares collected from their single lives. But as they grow together, styles and needs evolve. The wedding registry is intended to be the guide that allows guests to give gifts that will help the new couple start their life together.


For the bride and groom, the wedding registry poses a great temptation to load up on every conceivable household item. The assumption being that all the new things will make your life easier, but modern life often means small kitchens, long work hours, and a lot of takeout. So if you don’t cook, an elaborate set of Le Creuset cookware might not be practical.

Certain wedding guests may be traditional about gift giving and tend towards physical presents. But your loved ones will want to give you something you really love, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Don’t register for a blender just because you feel like you have to. Build a registry that will fit your experience, your personality, and your dreams. By doing so, you’ll avoid potential clutter by choosing innovative ideas over the expected wedding fare.

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  1. Before you go crazy with the scan gun or click “add to list”, decide which items you’d like to replace or upgrade. Towels unraveling at the edges? Fresh white towels are always a classic staple. Want to upgrade from a single pour over coffee system to a deluxe system for two? Now is the time! The older guests might go for these more traditional gifts. Remember to donate anything you replace that’s still in good condition!
  2. How many people can fit in your apartment dictates how many dishes, flatware, and serving items you’ll need. Don’t purchase multiple sets: instead find something of quality you’ll really love.
  3. Do a little bit of research on items that would make your current routine easier. Try not to fantasize about making daily morning smoothies if you never shop for groceries and sleep late every morning. A Vitamix blender is great, but it takes up a ton of space and you might never use it.



  1. Register for your honeymoon with Honeyfund. Want to swim with sharks in South Africa? Invite your guests to help you achieve unforgettable travel experiences. They can also treat you to specific activities, like zip lining, couples massages, or dinner.
  2. Register for home improvements. If you are a bookworm, a wall of built-in bookshelves would organize and beautify your space. A new paint job for the walls or dream bathroom tile would be an incredible way to refresh your current home after the wedding.
  3. If you choose a one-stop-shop to fill all of your home needs, go with one that has an unlimited return policy like Bloomingdales. If you find yourself drowning in gifts and not using all of them, you can return several unused items for something exceptional like a fantastic set of sheets.
  4. Subscriptions for food are amazing because they allow you to be adventurous and they don’t take up space for long. Whether your taste is wine, whiskey, or third-wave coffee, here’s a list of food subscriptions that might work for you. (We can personally vouch for Craft Coffee – it’s exceptional.)
  5. For the busy couple, Sweet Roots NYC is a farm-to-table meal service that’s perfectly tailored to your schedule and dietary needs. On a weekly basis, they will deliver pre-prepped ingredients and simple recipes that make cooking at home a breeze.
  6. At Down Payment Dreams, your guests can help you raise money to buy your first home.
  7. Our favorite: have your guests contribute to an “Art Fund.” Guests love this one because art is a great investment and emotionally significant. It might even become a family heirloom!

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Remember to take stock of your household items on a consistent basis. If you haven’t used an item in four seasons, chances are you don’t need it. However, someone else might. So have a party, invite your friends, and do a swap! You can rest easy knowing that your wedding gift is finding a new and loving home.

Ultimately, the tradition of receiving presents at your wedding is optional. You can specify on your invitation that your guests’ presence is gift enough. But realistically, your guests will want to show up with a sign of celebration and respect for your union. Focusing on what you will love and use is perhaps more practical than sentimental, but in our opinion, it is the key to honoring your guests and their contributions.

And, lastly, don’t forget to write a thank you note!